Thursday, December 2, 2010

Old blog

I was signing in earlier to post my previous post, and I accidentally put the wrong email address in the box. It logged me into a blog that I had started a few years ago. Very interesting to read now. If I can figure out how to merge the two, I'll do that, but for now if you want to see it here is the address...

Old Blog

It reminded me that I NEED to stick with eating right. Otherwise I'll just end up regaining the weight I have lost and have to start over. I definitely do not want to do that! I have bad days sometimes and fell off the wagon for a little while, but overall I think it's going to stick this time. Yay!! =)

EDIT... wooo hooo!!! I imported the old blog so now the posts are on this one. Sweet! Just click the "older posts" link and there they are, just before the first one this year. Gotta love technology!

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