Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last night I went to bed about 5am and was awake at 9am. I was going to stay up, take a shower, and go try to walk for a little bit, then have breakfast. I had gotten interested in a tv show that was on, so I was gonna watch that first, then get moving. Well.. I was so tired that I fell back asleep and woke up about 4:30pm. Sigh. Good news is I'm back to 130 again. Yay! When I first got on the scale it said 129.5, then 130. So close..

For dinner tonight I cut up sausage dogs and fried them with peppers and onions and I had steamed broccoli too. Yum!! I had some mixed nuts and a SF pudding cup as snacks. The hubby made cookies. I had 2. Blah. Right now, I'm enjoying a cup of hot green tea with cream. I love it. It just gives me a special feeling to drink hot tea. I don't know why, but it seems sophisticated or something. lol I've felt kinda snuffy and fuzzy headed today. I sure hope I'm not getting a head cold again. That's ALL I need!

I saw a commercial today that said "Everybody dies, but not everybody lives." I want to live. I want to feel ALIVE. I've always wanted to be one of those active people that is always out doing something. Enjoying life. I want to WANT to go hiking, and exercising, and running. My problem is that I'm a HUGE procrastinator and it's easy for me to get lazy. I'm working on it, but when I don't feel 100% it's difficult to get motivated even though I need to. My goal is to get to bed soon so I can get up at a decent hour tomorrow and do something.

Ok.. here's Dec. 8th Reverb10

Prompt: Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different - you'll find they're what make you beautiful.

I don't know what makes me different. I'm pretty average I think. Not too much of anything, one way or the other. I do feel that I'm a good, fun person though. I try to be a good wife, mom, and friend. 

My husband and I have a great relationship. Neither of us are drama queens. I try to make him happy and he does the same for me. I can't imagine life without him. 

My kids are my world. I don't spoil them or anything, but I'm always there for them, encouraging and supporting them. We laugh a lot! We're friends along with having a parent/child relationship. They are great kids and I think I had something to do with that. ;-) 

I love having a best friend like the one I have now. We talk constantly and she knows I'm always there for her. We have a ton of fun when we're together. I trust her with my life and she feels the same. Being a good friend is important to me. I've had friends that are not true friends. I'm very grateful I met her.

As far as other things that make me who I am... I am a crafty type person. I love making different things. I enjoy craft fairs and things like that. I only wish I had more room to work on things! I rarely do because I have to drag everything out, work on whatever project I'm doing, and put everything back. If I had a craft room like my Grandma did, I could leave things out and shut the door so I could easily come back to it when I wanted to.

I like to read, but rarely do that either. (See a pattern here?) When I get into a book, I hate to stop. I could read all night. Now that I'm out of work, I could do that, but usually I just don't have the time to do it. Well.. I could sometimes, but other things take priority.. even if they shouldn't. 

I like animals and music and live bands. I like fashion, but I'm not super trendy. I like casual, but cute or jeans and a t-shirt. I have a serious addiction to Diet Cherry Pepsi. I'm working on it.. I love lip gloss and lotions. I'm a girly girl but also a tomboy. I enjoy camping. I love roadtrips. I'm a huge Steelers fan. I have 4 tattoos (so far.) I like crime shows and medical shows. I want to go back for my Nurse Practioner license. 

I guess all these things combined make me ME and that's beautifully different. =) 

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