Sunday, January 22, 2006

Food Pyramid

THIS is the food pyramind that we all should be using. Who needs sugar and processed food?? That's NOT the way we were meant to eat. ;)


CarbWire - Low carb news, reviews and recipes

Down 11 pounds!!

I weighed this morning and I'm down another 4 pounds for a total of 11!!! I LOVE THIS WOE!!! I'm at 156 and falling. I'm a loser baby!

Success Tips

Monday, January 16, 2006

Through Saturday

I've been doing great with my eating. Jerry has said a few times how proud he is of me! I'm proud of me too. ;) I slugged exercise one day, but other than that I've been good. I just did The Biggest Loser workout dvd today. It kicked my patootie! I liked it.. and it was cheap! That's the way I like it.

Tomorrow is 2 weeks back on induction. I'll weigh and measure and see if there's any change this week. I hope so, but won't beat myself up if there's not. It'll come. Tomorrow also starts ADBB Boot Camp. I'm excited for that. It seems really motivational. I've also started Discovery Channel's National Body Challenge and restarted the President's Challenge. I may be in too deep, but being accountable really keeps me going.

School started back on the 11th and that's taking up more of my time, but I'm trying to keep up. I've been slacking off on blogging, but I don't have much excitement going on so it's all good. I just try to blog any changes and if I feel really good or bad on a particular day. If anything exciting happens, I'll blog that too! lol

Geez it's late! I gotta get to bed.. lotsa stuff to do tomorrow. ZzzzZzzzzzZzzz

Friday, January 13, 2006

Not2Late's Page

This is a great page for information on low carbing Atkins way! Please check it out! I have the link on my Links section too.

Not2Late's Page

Friday the 13th.. ack

Friday the 13th! It's been ok except for rain. At least I haven't seen anyone walking around in a scary mask! lol

I can't remember what I wrote last time, but I'm down 7 pounds total! I feel great. I'm a little tired today because I didn't get that much sleep and had to be up early for Anatomy, but other than that I'm good.

Last night I worked because Becky can't do Thursday nights anymore. It was kinda fun. It's different filling in for people than it is being there FT. Made good money which we need right now.

I've been doing good getting my exercise in, except today. I don't think I'm going to make it. I just don't feel like I can pull myself together enough to do it. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow. I joined the "Vidiot's Challenge" on ADBB. It's very motivating. We are doing 42 workouts, mixing them up between different videos. I don't have exactly the ones many are doing, but it's ok. I was also accepted into the "Boot Camp" to do a clean induction. It's pretty cool. There are different assignments to do every day and we have to post our food and exercise. It's to keep us accountable and get off to a good start. I'm doing very well. Jerry said he was proud of me today which was nice to hear!

The girls are at grandma's so if it's nice, I might take Kayla's bike out tomorrow. That would be fun. I haven't ridden a bike in years!!

School started the 11th. It's good so far. I just hope I can keep up with everything. I have Intermediate Algebra and Developmental Psychology online, and Anatomy 1 and Spanish 1 at school. It's a lot! I also have to keep up with the exercise challenge, bootcamp, and just plain ol life. Plus working a bit for the next month or so. I have to prioritize. Good luck to me!

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Jan. 7th

Down another 2 lbs! That makes 4 total so far. Yay!! Started at 167, now at 163.

Yesterday I did Slim in 6, Start it up! Boy I had forgotten how tough it is. Worked muscles I forgot I had. lol The challenge starts Monday so I wanted to get used to it again. I'm a little sore today so I might do my Pilates video today. I will take my measurements and pix tomorrow or Monday for the challenge.

I just got done eating breakfast. I drank a few beers last night and was up late so I slept late today. I made an egg, sausage, bacon, and mock hashbrowns (zucchini). Omg.. the zucchini was SO good. I'm going to have to start adding that into my meals more often! Plus they were cheap. :D

Jerry has to work tonight. He's going to miss some of the playoffs. He's so not happy. I feel terrible for him. I'll update him when he calls though. I asked Tiff to come over tonight. Her heater isn't working, plus Miranda would love to play with Caitlin. We'll see if she comes.

She did come over. We had a great time. We don't get together nearly as often as I'd like. We talked for several hours.. about everything. Silly thing is so stubborn, she says she just couldn't give up all the high carb crap. She did take my DANDR book home though. I sure hope she reads it. Maybe it will make sense and make her give it a try. I worry about her health and self esteem.

Tonight I made chili burgers from Dana Carpender's 15 min. LC recipes. They were awesome. I used a different tomato sauce, but omg they were so juicy and tasty. I love her books. I have the 15 min. one and 500 LC recipes. They are easy and "real", meaning that they are stuff that us simple folk would make. I also love the way she writes the recipes.. such as, "plunk the hamburger in a bowl." Really down to earth. Along with the recipes from the bulletin boards I belong to, these are my favorite recipes to try. I hate recipes that have a lot of "exotic" ingredients that I'll never use again. I'm a very basic cook. I would like to learn more, but I enjoy simple recipes. I need to go back through the books and mark all the recipes I've tried.. maybe rate them too for future reference.

Thursday, January 5, 2006


I finally made it to the gym! Weight training today. It felt really good to be lifting again. It hurt right after, but I'm not really sore now. Yay!

I bought my books for Spring semester today. Talk about a workout! lol Waited about half an hour to get in the bookstore, then got my books and stuff, then waited in line forever to pay. All in all, about 2 hours.. ugh. The new bookstore is nice, much better than the old one. I'm looking forward to school again, but will miss my vacation! Still gotta get that stupid tree taken down!


Well today I did really well with my food and water intake, but again didn't make it to the gym. I went to the grocery store and that took longer than I had planned on. Then not long after I got home, Miranda fell off Claire's scooter and hurt herself. After she was feeling better, I had to get stamps and FINALLY took the stuff to Goodwill that has been sitting in the garage for months! Even with all of that I still planned on making a late trip to the Y. Jerry worked late and I fixed dinner and before I knew it, it was too late. Then I was going to do a home workout, but that didn't happen either. Ugh.. I'm so disappointed in myself. I did get in a kitchen cleaning frenzy so maybe that burned off a few calories. lol

I found a new exercise video I want... Yoga Booty Ballet from It looks like so much fun and it's cheaper than some of the others they have. The Slim in 6 video is awesome and Brook seems to love all of their products. Maybe I'll get it with my tax refund.

I talked to Tiff today about being accountable to each other about exercise/diet. I love the BBs I belong to, but it might help even more if I am responsible for reporting to someone IRL.. and it might help her too.

I also joined the Si6 exercise challenge at ADBB. I HATE reporting a slug for the day so that should help keep me on track.

Tomorrow's a new day..

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


I didn't make it to the gym yesterday. :( After staying up (literally) all night the night before, I had to run a couple of errands then I came home to sleep "just for a few hours". That turned into 8. I did eat properly though, so that's something. I have a lot to do today that I didn't get done yesterday, but I will workout at some point. The cats are driving me nuts with the Christmas tree.. I HAVE to take it down before it turns into a Valentines tree!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

One more time

I'm giving this another shot. I'm now at 165 (I think.. scale is hard to read. Note to self.. buy a new, digital scale). I'm tired of gaining and I want to be happy with myself this summer. My goal is 130 or size 8. I will figure it out once I get closer to it. It's hard to believe that I've gained 20 pounds since I first did Atkins in July 2003! Christmas is over so that helps a lot! Now that I'm in school, I want to look good. I already feel old around all the 20-something girls. Once I get out of school, I want to look HOT in my scrubs!

I enjoy working out so why do I make excuses not to do it? Stupid.. I want to set a good example for the girls too.. exercise and eat healthy. If I can get them to do it while they're young, they'll grow up with that mindset.

I was proud of myself for going to the gym today. I pushed the excuses out of my head and did it. Yay! 30 minutes on the treadmill. I want to go gungho, but I know that's not the right way to do it. I will try to get exercise in at least 5 days a week, but not overdo it daily. After going to the gym, I came home and ate a salad for dinner. Working out makes me WANT to eat healthier. It's a win-win situation. I did have a few tortilla chips and spinach artichoke dip with hubby, but I will start fresh tomorrow.

To do:
Take my measurements in the morning
Print Brook's quotes
All the off topic things on my To Do list that never ends *Ugh*

One day at a time...