Monday, January 31, 2011

New things

After being inspired by Jewlia Goulia's New Years resolution to try one new fruit a month (which she is doing in epic proportions!) I decided that I would like to try some new fruits and veggies also. I didn't make any specific plan, but while walking through the produce section, I saw an eggplant. It was calling out to me with all it's purple mysteriousness... buy me. try me. it's ok, you'll find that recipe for me, that you don't even remember what it was, but you'll find it and like it. So I did. I bought the convincing eggplant. My hubby asked what I was gonna make with it. I said "hmmm. I'm not sure yet." He started laughing. I gave him "the look" and asked why he was laughing at me. He said "I got a picture in my head of you holding one hand to your chin like The Thinker and the other hand holding the eggplant." I must admit, that's pretty funny. I will update you on the eggplant tastiness after I figure out what I want to do with it.

Recently, I posted about doing 30 Day Shred. Well, it's been too long I think, so I'm gonna restart it. But I got some 2lb weights to use this time. Monkey (the 11yr old) picked them up and said "these aren't heavy!" I explained how heavy that light weights can get after using them over and over. She seemed satisfied with that answer. 

Today starts a new 6 week challenge at work. The rules to complete it are to log at least 1000 minutes of exercise AND eat at least 5 servings of fruit/veggies a day. That should be no problem for a low carber like me. ;-) The incentive is a long sleeved t-shirt. I've done a few of these challenges, but the 2 most recent ones involved exercise plus another requirement. Before, they were only certain exercise rules. This fruit/veggie part should help with the experimenting of new ones. And the exercise part should help get me re-motivated. Yippee!!

Have you tried anything new lately?


  1. Eggplant scares me for some reason. I don't know why. But since eating healthier, things that I didn't like before are now delicious. Maybe I should give eggplant a try.

  2. I'm the same way! I discovered that I love grilled asparagus. Who knew?!

  3. Even though it's been a few months - my healthy food fear was hummus. For years, I avoided it and told people that I didn't like it -even though I had never tried it.

    I guess the thought of hummus being chickpeas just threw me for a loop - plus, I never really liked the look of it.

    I decided to finally take the plunge a few years ago and try hummus - being that so many health fanatics raved about it. I found out that it's SOO YUMMY!! My favorite one is the roasted red pepper.

    I have some Chobani in my refridgerator, that I haven't tried..but plan on this week. Greek Yogurt is my new taste test... I wonder if I'll like it as much as everyone else does.

  4. I've never tried hummus either, but people seem to love it! lol I tried a different brand of Greek yogurt a few weeks ago. (plain because of the sugar) It wasn't bad. I put some blueberries and blackberries in it. I'd buy it again, but I'm not loopy over it. But I've never been a huge yogurt person anyway.


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