Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I ain't never seen nothin like you

Last week I went to the gym 4 days in a row and felt SO good. For various reasons, I didn't go Friday through Sunday. This is very strange for me to say, but I missed the exercise! I hated sitting around for 3 days. My lovely bff says I have been taken over by pod people. She may be right...

Today it snowed. It started around 3pm or so. I was determined to get some exercise today! I didn't want to go to the gym because I figured they might close early or something. I decided to go do my Couch to 5K outside. in the snow. at 27 degrees. Who am I?! I love snow.. always have. I love to play in it, but I never saw myself jogging down the sidewalk in the snow. I'll tell you what though, I felt SO ALIVE!! I absolutely loved it! I was chilly at first, but had layers on and as I started to wog (walk/jog), I warmed up. The snow hitting my face was cold, but at the same time it was great. I went 15 minutes one way, then turned around and came home the other way. As I was finishing, the song Do Ya by Ace Frehley came on my iPod. I love that song, but the line "I ain't never seen nothin like you" really meant something to me today. It made me feel accomplished. Big smiles. =)

 Normally I probably wouldn't post a picture of me looking like this, but I was so damn proud that I don't care! hahaha

I'm still up 3 pounds and can't get rid of them, but with regular exercise I'm sure it'll go down (or up from muscle gain which is ok.) I'm more interested in losing inches anyway. That's what really counts.

On to a healthier me...

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