Friday, January 7, 2011

The good, the bad, and the seriously?!

It was kind of a mixed day. I slept a little later than I meant to (because I couldn't fall asleep as early as I wanted to. Sigh.) and I just couldn't get myself awake. I'm blaming that evil TOM for zapping my energy. Pure evil. So I got up and made it to the shower. Got ready and went to wait in line at the school bookstore with my husband. Why would I put myself through that torture? Because I wanted new pens. I'm a pen person. It's sad really. So after I got my pens he got his books, we went to a local park that has a walking track. I've been to the park before, but never walked the track and I wanted to check it out. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. Would've been warmer if I had run it, but I just walked. We did 3 laps then left. Nothing major, but it was nice to be outside and now I know a good place to go when it gets a little warmer. Yay!

We went to Subway.. again. Hubby thinks he's Jared. haha! But they do make a good salad so it's all good. The same guy has been there everytime we've gone. {B2.. no it's not Scrabble Boy. lol} We're always in gym clothes. He must think we live there. That's kinda cool. Hmmm... After I got fuel in my body, I decided I wanted to go to the gym afterall, but I didn't want to do the usual stuff. I wanted to do a class. We decided on Bodyflow. It's a mix of yoga, pilates, and tai chi I believe. I really enjoy that kind of workout and it's different than what I usually do so it keeps me from getting bored. I'm fairly flexible, although I could definitely improve on that. My balance is what really needs help though. Yikes! Some days are better than others, but I sure would've fit in with the Weebles during class! I weebled and wobbled BUT I didn't fall down! =) I had fun and sweated my butt off. I left the gym feeling refreshed and worked and glad that I didn't just sit on the couch. Poor hubby didn't feel the same. He said he liked the class, but the fact that he's so inflexible and can't balance made him not like it. He did say that he'd go again though, so I'll take that as a win.

I'm having a bad cigarette craving. I don't know why. I'm not stressed or anything, but I keep thinking about one. Been having smoking dreams the last few nights too. Ugh. Chantix blocks the cravings so it's more of a habit craving, but it's driving me crazy right now! I don't want one though. I'm proud of not smoking since the 27th. I like not smelling like smoke. I like not going outside in the cold to smoke. But I sure want one. Blah...

I want this. This is my goal. I want to run. I want to be on the beach. I want to run on the beach. I will this summer. And that's why I don't want to smoke. I do worry about my knees though. I have grinding in one knee already. I need to talk to someone and maybe find some physical therapy exercises for it. DON'T crack your joints!! I know some say that it doesn't cause arthritis, but I'm only 36 and have had arthritis in my hands for several years and this grinding in my knee for a couple years. I've cracked my joints since I was a kid. You do the math.  Ok, now I'm just babbling...

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