Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 1 of 30 Day Shred

I finally got my copy of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd that I ordered with exercise points from work. Since I didn't make it to the gym today (I blame Mr. Sandman!) I decided (at 3am) that I was gonna do it. I hadn't exercised since Monday and that just wasn't gonna cut it. So I had my husband help me move the coffee table out of the way so I'd have room to fall over dead. haha I think I tweaked my back a little moving the table. I was lifting and he was pushing. We weren't on the same wavelength. I'm not positive, but I didn't notice any pain before the table incident and it was before the video, so that's just my educated guess.

So the table is moved and I'm ready. It's only a 20 minute workout so that is very cool. I don't like that I will have to listen to the intro every time, but oh well. Not that big of a deal. There are 3 levels. Of course, I started on level 1. She does what she calls 3-2-1 intervals plus a warm up and cool down. It's 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio (or the other way around?) and 1 minute of ab work. I don't have light hand weights so I just did the exercises without. I guess I could've used cans or something like I've heard before, but I didn't. I did all of level 1 and only had to stop to catch my breath during cardio a couple times. Jump roping is evil. Just sayin...

Then my hubby says "Let's see what level 2 is like." For the record, he started level 1 with me, but there just isn't enough room for us both to do it at the same time. I think he was ok with that. So, we put it on level 2. I decided I would be a (crazy) trooper and see what I could do of that also. I have to say, I did about half of it. We watched part of level 3, but then I decided I REALLY needed a shower so we turned it off. I went to shower and he went to bed.

I can't guarantee that I'll do this for 30 days in a row, but I'd definitely like to work it into my routine. Especially on days when I can't go to the gym or run outside. It's only 20 minutes which is a definite plus. The only downside is moving the coffee table. haha

I've heard people talk about how tough it is. I'm NOT saying that it's easy, but I was kind of expecting more. I'm sure I'll get it on the next levels though. I used to do Slim in 6 and I found that to be harder on level 1. Maybe because Si6 is twice as long (I have the old one that's a little longer) or maybe I was more out of shape then (is that possible??) but I look forward to seeing how well this works. Either way, I have a love/hate relationship with both Jillian and Debbie from Si6. lol I'm gonna measure tomorrow so I'll have a baseline. I haven't measured in a couple weeks so I definitely need to do that. I hope it helps whip me into bikini ready shape and lose the muffin top in my smaller jeans. Eek!

Have you done 30 Day Shred? What did you think? Did it work well?
How about Slim in 6?
What videos make you wish you had a voodoo doll of the instructor?

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