Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I think it's important to keep life interesting. Same goes with exercise. If you get bored with it, you're more likely to quit. When I first started going to the gym again, I did the same couple of things every time... treadmill, cycle of weight machines. That was pretty much it. Once in a while I'd do a little bit on the bike or *attempt* to do the elliptical (am I the ONLY one who can't do that thing more than a minute or so???) Lately I've been taking some classes that I have taken in the past. I love them! I've also been running outside which is nice.

The classes I've done so far are:

BodyPump which is a cardio-strength class. There are 2 instructors and loud, pumping music. You have a bar and plates and they tell you when to add or take weight off. I kept it light the whole time and felt it for days. lol But in a good way.

BodyFlow which is a class that mixes yoga, pilates, and tai chi. It's quite a workout, but in a different way. You do the typical poses, but the pace is faster than a yoga class. I really enjoy it.. even when I can't balance and tip over. haha!

Yoga is cool too. Last Thursday I did BodyPump then yoga. Both classes are an hour long. The yoga really helped me stretch and relax after pumping it up. I think that's why I wasn't as sore as my husband was. hehe

There are a few other classes I'd like to check out also.  

BodyStep is a fast paced step class from what I can tell and BodyCombat is more martial art-ish. (That one kinda scares me. I don't know if I'll be able to do it.) RPM is a bike class that's part of the same exercise series. The Body----- classes are intense so I know they would be a great workout!

I'd like to try Zumba, but ask anyone who's seen me at the bar, I'm not much of a dancer. ;-) But I'd like to do it at least once.

I want to take the Pilates class too.

(You can find out more about the Body---- classes here. The BodyFlow class I talk about is called BodyBalance there. No clue why.)

I'm still doing the Couch to 5K program and hoping that I truly will be able to run the whole time by the end of it. I do the weight machines too. I've been running on the track instead of the treadmill. I just seem to like it better when I'm changing speeds, but will use it again when I want a steady pace. I'd like to work more cardio machines in to my workout. For now, I'm loving the classes and running outside.

One of my goals (see the tab above) is to run a 5K this year. Run. Eek! I have 2 that I'm interested in. One in May and one in September. I kinda like running (who said that?!) but I don't want to ONLY run. I really enjoy BodyFlow and yoga. It helps me relax and workout at the same time and I just feel like I'm more holistic when I do them.

I can't wait until I can run. Until I have a lean, toned body. Until I'm fit and healthy. I'll never be a supermodel, but I can be the best ME that I can be and that's what I'm focused on.

What are your goals? What exercises do you do/enjoy?


  1. Check your email! EatSmart selected you as the HYC winner for the bathroom scale giveaway!

    As for exercise: walking, Kinect games, bowflex, Walk Away the Pounds.

  2. You can totally do a 5K! I'm excited to read about your 5K runs! :)

    Also...as for the room to do the DVD, you don't need much room. Ours is super small..you just need enough room to put down a yoga mat (not that you need to - but that's about as much room as you need). You do jumping jacks, crunches, and lunges...that's about the extent of the area you need to be able to move around in. :)

  3. Woooo Hoooo!! I'm so excited about winning the scale! Thank you!!

    Thanks for the encouragement and dvd info. I can't wait to get mine and give it a try. eek!


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