Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday!!!

It's Superbowl Sunday!! The best day ever... especially if your team is in it (and wins!) Go Steelers!!! That's what is on my mind today. Well.. that, and the fact that my Bug has a stomach bug. =( But we are gonna think positively on this post. She's feeling a little better than she was earlier this morning.

We'll be chowing down on wings, dip with celery, pork rinds, and maybe some pepperoni chips and flax chips, and mixed nuts. I might make tortilla pizzas or naked cheeseburgers and maybe a salad. I'll have to see what kind of mood we're in when dinnertime gets here. I also have plenty of Mich Ultra and the amount consumed will depend on how the game goes! lol

What will you be eating on this glorious day?

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