Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still around

I'm still around. Last week I was pretty busy. I went to the speech therapist and did some vocal exercises with her. I actually heard my real voice for the first time in months! I have to work at it to talk right though and surprisingly, it wore me out. So I was working on that and getting laughed at by my kids when my voice would go out and I'd have to kind of do this "ohhhhhhhmmmmm" thing to get it back. Gotta love it. lol

So Monday afternoon I woke up (yeah, I'm still on vampire hours) and got ready. Hubby and I were going out to dinner. Well, my oldest had plans so we ended up taking the youngest with us. I started feeling bad. I had a headache, sore throat, and just all sinus-ey. Hoping it was just allergies, we went to dinner. Later that night I had the worst pain in my stomach. I just KNEW I had the awful stomach bug that my daughter had earlier. The stomach thing only lasted a few hours though. Currently, I have a head cold, sore throat, fever, and cough. Please send me good thoughts! I was JUST getting ready to go back to work and this happens. I hope it goes away quickly. I can't handle another serious bronchitis thing like I just got over.

Ok.. I'm going back to sleep. Just wanted to post a quick update. Hope everyone is doing well!

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