Thursday, January 5, 2006


Well today I did really well with my food and water intake, but again didn't make it to the gym. I went to the grocery store and that took longer than I had planned on. Then not long after I got home, Miranda fell off Claire's scooter and hurt herself. After she was feeling better, I had to get stamps and FINALLY took the stuff to Goodwill that has been sitting in the garage for months! Even with all of that I still planned on making a late trip to the Y. Jerry worked late and I fixed dinner and before I knew it, it was too late. Then I was going to do a home workout, but that didn't happen either. Ugh.. I'm so disappointed in myself. I did get in a kitchen cleaning frenzy so maybe that burned off a few calories. lol

I found a new exercise video I want... Yoga Booty Ballet from It looks like so much fun and it's cheaper than some of the others they have. The Slim in 6 video is awesome and Brook seems to love all of their products. Maybe I'll get it with my tax refund.

I talked to Tiff today about being accountable to each other about exercise/diet. I love the BBs I belong to, but it might help even more if I am responsible for reporting to someone IRL.. and it might help her too.

I also joined the Si6 exercise challenge at ADBB. I HATE reporting a slug for the day so that should help keep me on track.

Tomorrow's a new day..

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