Monday, January 16, 2006

Through Saturday

I've been doing great with my eating. Jerry has said a few times how proud he is of me! I'm proud of me too. ;) I slugged exercise one day, but other than that I've been good. I just did The Biggest Loser workout dvd today. It kicked my patootie! I liked it.. and it was cheap! That's the way I like it.

Tomorrow is 2 weeks back on induction. I'll weigh and measure and see if there's any change this week. I hope so, but won't beat myself up if there's not. It'll come. Tomorrow also starts ADBB Boot Camp. I'm excited for that. It seems really motivational. I've also started Discovery Channel's National Body Challenge and restarted the President's Challenge. I may be in too deep, but being accountable really keeps me going.

School started back on the 11th and that's taking up more of my time, but I'm trying to keep up. I've been slacking off on blogging, but I don't have much excitement going on so it's all good. I just try to blog any changes and if I feel really good or bad on a particular day. If anything exciting happens, I'll blog that too! lol

Geez it's late! I gotta get to bed.. lotsa stuff to do tomorrow. ZzzzZzzzzzZzzz

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