Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy week and thanks

Wow, what a busy week this is!! I worked Monday thru Wednesday and half of Thursday. Then Friday night is my niece's 13th birthday party. (awwww!!) and Saturday night I'm going out with my bff. Sunday and Monday I will basically rest (and hopefully get some exercise in) before I work Tues-Thurs next week.

So I've been slacking on eating right. Ugh! Trying to get my motivation back. Summer will be here soon and I also feel like CRAP right now. Too many carbs. Too high blood sugar. Too little energy. Blah. But, soon I will have something to keep me on track...

I was lucky enough to win a Fitbook from Kerri at Kat's Adventures in Dietland in a giveaway on her blog! (Go check her out!) I am SO excited to try it. They have a Fitbook Jr also that is geared more toward kids. I think I will get that for Monkey if it helps me stay on track like I think it will. I love writing stuff down and organizing it and all that jazz. Monkey is kinda like that too so I'll see what she thinks of mine and go from there. She's overweight and wants to lose it and Fitbook might help her to succeed. I can only control so much with her. She makes pretty good choices much of the time, but not as often as she should. She also needs to get more exercise (like mommy.) They just don't get out and play at school or home as much as I did as a kid. Anyway, I can't wait to get my Fitbook. Woooo hoooo!!! =)

I also won a bottle of Vidazorb probiotics from Colleen at Bee Fit recently! (Check her out too!) I'm excited to receive those also. I've never used probiotics, but I've heard good things about them. Apparently I have some good winning mojo lately! lol

I wish the mojo would transfer to other areas of my life as well! I'm having some money issues right now due to insurance taking ALL of my check that I should be getting this Friday. If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you know that I was out of work for over 3 months because of a sickness. Well, my insurance ran out toward the end of that time due to non-payment. Well, duh.. I'm not working! So they took my paycheck. It wasn't a full check, but still.. I need that money! I have nothing to fall back on. Now I won't get a check for 2 more weeks and have to hope that we can make it AND that they won't take any more of my money! *Note to self.. call Benefits!*

So that's been my week. I haven't gotten any formal exercise, but I've been super busy at work and for the most part, only sat long enough to document a little at a time. My legs definitely feel it so I'm counting it as walking. lol

Do you use Fitbook or Fitbook Jr?
Have you ever taken probiotics?
Would you like to send me money? haha 

Tell me your experiences with either and/or let me know how you've been! I am so behind on reading your blogs. Work is evil! lol

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