Monday, October 18, 2010

Size 8

I didn't realize it had been so long since I made a post. Oops. I am really trying to get better at doing this.

On Saturday, I weighed 131. Yay!! Each pound I lose is the lowest I've weighed in over 10 years probably. I'm one pound away from my goal of 130, although I wouldn't mind seeing 120's on the scale again. ;-)

One day last week I tried on my daughter's size 7 jeans just for fun. I wanted to see how far I had to go before I could fit into them. Joke was on me... They fit! Well.. they fit in the sense that I could get them on. There was pudge hanging over the top that should not be seen by human eyes, but the fact that I got them on was so exciting! So Friday, when my husband, my best friend, and I went out to dinner (bff and I got the salad bar and mini burgers sans bun) and went to Old Navy afterward, I wanted a new pair of jeans. I took a pair of 10's and a pair of 8's to the dressing room. The 10's fit (that's what I have been wearing) but were a little loose. The 8's fit, but had a little pudge, though not as bad as my daughter's 7's. I ended up getting the 8's because I didn't want to buy the 10's and shrink out of them. I can wear a shirt with the 8's that isn't form fitting and they look great! Plus it gives me the motivation to tone up my mid-section. The next day my bff and I went to the mall again. I bought some dress pants because I don't have any that fit. I got 2 pairs.. one in a 9 and one in a 7. I can not explain just how happy this makes me. One of my goals was to fit into 8's again and even though I still have some work to do, I did it! If I can tone up my middle, I may even get into 6's one day! I can't imagine what that would be like. I've never worn 6's! Even in high school when I thought I was fat (at 5'8'' and 125) I wore 8/9's. Amazing!

This morning I had flaxcakes and cottage cheese for breakfast. Yum! I'm not sure what I'll have for the rest of the day, but you can bet it'll be low carb and delicious! =)

I also wanted to add that I went to the Dr last week to get some prescriptions refilled. He was very impressed with my weight loss and choice to do low carb because of my diabetes. I got my new medications and they drew blood. My A1c came back high.. at 8.5 but some of the last few months I was totally off the wagon and not taking my insulin either. I've been strict since Sept 6th (except for 1 meal) so I'm going to get another A1c done in late November or early December and see what a difference it makes. My fasting blood sugars for the past week have been in the 80's and 90's so I'm very anxious and excited to see what it will be.

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